Integrated drug discovery

At Charnwood Molecular we undertake projects requiring bioscience, DMPK / ADME, medicinal, computational and synthetic chemistry services which can vary considerably in terms of scope and deliverables.

These projects typically range from a single scientist, engaged on a short-term “proof-of-concept” research project for a new start-up business, right through to a multi-scientist, multi-year drug discovery and development collaboration with a leading global pharmaceutical or biotechnology company.

When you’re our client, our goal is to fully leverage our expertise and to add significant value to your project. We pride ourselves on achieving consistent excellence in our research, to help you achieve your milestones and business objectives on time and to budget.

Drug discovery map desktop view

Building on years of experience in large pharma and biotechnology companies our bioscience team offers capabilities specialising in bioassay development, pharmacological profiling and compound screening. Significant experience of different target classes and the use of cutting edge technologies ensure client projects are delivered to time and budget.

The success of a small molecule drug discovery program is dependent upon the quality of the medicinal chemistry team and the level of innovation that they bring to the project. At Charnwood Molecular our team has worked on a wide variety of different target classes, covering a range of therapeutic areas, successfully advancing several projects through candidate nomination into preclinical development.

Computational chemistry can be described as chemistry performed using computers rather than chemicals. Much like the experiment, calculations can be applied in order to collect the data or simply as a way of looking at the unusual. Use of computer-aided drug design in early phases of drug discovery helps expedite the whole process and minimise chances of failure in the later stages.

Drug discovery success is contingent on a number of factors with DMPK / ADME playing a vital role in providing the data and analytical insights to support time and cost-efficient research. For a candidate compound to ultimately progress to market, there are a number of desirable ‘drug-like’ properties that first need to be optimised.

Our in-house process research and development chemists work at the interface of medicinal chemistry and chemical development. Their expertise supports the efficient and timely delivery of drug candidates to clients to support their pre-clinical development studies. A smooth transition between medicinal chemistry and chemical development is achieved through focused early development support programmes for delivery of high quality API supply.