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We exist for the discovery. At Charnwood Molecular, our close-knit team of scientists are always working at the cutting edge of discovery, medicinal and process research chemistry. Whether it’s the initial discovery of a bioactive compound, or achieving a new, scalable route to a development candidate, we know that what we do matters. We’re proud to lead the way. We are Charnwood Molecular.

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What we do.

At Charnwood Molecular we undertake projects requiring medicinal and synthetic chemistry services which can vary considerably in terms of scope and deliverables. These projects typically range from a single scientist, engaged on a short-term “proof-of-concept” research project for a new start-up business, right through to a multi-scientist, multi-year drug discovery and development collaboration with a leading global pharmaceutical or biotechnology company. When you’re our client, our goal is to fully leverage our expertise and to add significant value to your project. We pride ourselves on achieving consistent excellence in our research, to help you achieve your milestones and business objectives on time and to budget.

Customised Assay Development

Low, medium and high throughput assays in both cellular and non-cellular assay formats.

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Medicinal Chemistry

We have extensive Hit ID, Hit to Lead and Lead Optimisation expertise.

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Process Research and Chemical Development

Our Process Research & Development team has over 100 years of combined experience.

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Custom Synthesis of Building Blocks and Intermediates

Our talented synthetic chemists have been delivering bespoke molecules for decades.

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Grant Funded Partnerships

We have a unique understanding of the nature of grant-funded research projects.

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Contract Research including Route Development and Route Optimisation

For your contract research needs, get in touch with us at Charnwood today.

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Customised Bioassay Development.

Customised Bioassay Development at Charnwood Molecular

Our team has worked in pre-clinical discovery, designing and developing low, medium and high throughput assays in both cellular and non-cellular assay formats. They have experience of a wide range of technologies designed to prosecute these activities in a scalable manner whilst bringing to bear technological developments that have the ability to probe ever further into the molecular interactions from which the drugs of the future may be identified.

Medicinal Chemistry.

Medicinal Chemistry at Charnwood Molecular

At Charnwood Molecular we employ an iterative “Design-Make-Test-Understand” cycle to our drug discovery projects. This approach requires cutting-edge analytical tools and equipment to ensure research excellence.

Process Research and Development.

Process Research and Development at Charnwood Molecular

Our team here at Charnwood Molecular has over 100 years of combined experience in Process Research & Development gained in large Pharma and CRO environments. Our team strives for, and maintains, excellence in pre-clinical Process Chemistry R&D, enabling a smoother transition between Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Development for our clients.
We also provide scale-up and route development support for a range of other sectors including agrochemicals, fine chemicals and materials chemistry.

Custom Synthesis.

Custom Synthesis at Charnwood Molecular

Here at Charnwood Molecular, our talented synthetic chemists have been delivering challenging and bespoke molecules for our clients for over 20 years.
One of our core competencies is in organic synthesis: we can perform multi-step complex syntheses, to supply anything from milligram to multi-gram quantities of compounds, as requested by our clients.

Grant Funding Partnerships.

Grant funding partnerships with Charnwood Molecular

From our roots as a spin-out company from Loughborough University in the late 1990s, we at Charnwood Molecular have always had a unique understanding of the nature of grant-funded research projects – it’s in our DNA.

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Meet our team.

Here at Charnwood Molecular, we believe that a company’s real strength lies in its people. Our team is made up of dedicated and talented individuals, who bring wide-ranging technical ability and true global reach into everything we do. Our scientists bring a wealth of creative experience to the team: the majority of our research personnel have extensive postdoctoral experience, including positions as research scientists within biotech and major pharmaceutical companies. We employ highly talented scientists, and regularly invest in the latest technology and equipment. We pride ourselves in supporting the ongoing professional development of our people, in order to maintain the highest quality, service and research capability for our international client base.

meet the team

Our success stories.

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Medicinal Chemistry and Process Research

Medicinal Chemistry and Preclinical PR&D from Discovery Lead to Development Candidate 1

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Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry: HIT Finding

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“The discovery is where the journey really begins and being part of that, and being able to share that experience is truly something else.”

David Hill, Chemist
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