Cell culture services

Years of experience ensures we are adept at all aspects of cell culture.

Our experience includes

  • Working with CHO, HEK-293, Hela, SHSY5Y adherent cells in addition to non-adherent cells
  • Sub-culturing cells for colony selection from a single 6 well plate through small flasks up to 10 layer cell factories
  • Harvesting and cryopreserving large preparations of cells, as many as 5×10¹º in a single batch
  • Plating and growing cells in 96, 384 and 1536 well plates using various liquid handling approaches

We support projects by

  • Developing a cell line for your target and screening application
  • Selecting the most appropriate clone for screening purposes
  • Manufacturing enough cells for your screening needs
  • Screening your target in our labs using your cell line

Our success stories

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