Announcement: Aurelia Bioscience has been acquired by Charnwood Molecular.
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  • European Biotech company (Rare disease target)
  • Supported with 2 FTEs for 12 months
  • Elaboration of existing hits to elucidate SAR
  • Rational design to deliver drug-like compounds
  • Compounds screened by client (SPR and cell assays)
  • >200 compounds prepared over four series
  • Highly potent compounds with good ADME properties, clear SAR and in vivo efficacy

We are flexible in our approach – some clients wish to keep screening in-house, others ask that we manage and drive this process. Our goal is to provide a tailored service to suit clients’ aspirations and budget, but with a focus on excellence of delivery at all stages.

Medicinal Chemistry Hit-to-Lead (H2L) 2

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