Announcement: Aurelia Bioscience has been acquired by Charnwood Molecular.
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The sector-leading expertise and technology development within Aurelia Bioscience will enable and enhance Charnwood’s provision of a world-class integrated drug discovery and development service platform as it continues to build upon its strong foundation in medicinal chemistry, scale-up and process research & development.

Aurelia Bioscience is a leading preclinical CRO specialising in bioassay development, pharmacological profiling and compound screening, working in the early stages of the drug discovery pipeline including target identification and validation, hit identification, hit to lead along with lead identification and optimisation. The Aurelia team bring unrivalled experience of a wide range of technologies designed to prosecute these activities in a scalable manner whilst bringing to bear technological developments that have the ability to probe ever further into the molecular interactions from which the drugs of the future may be identified.

CEO of Charnwood Molecular, Steve Allin, commented: “We are proud to welcome the Aurelia Bioscience team into our company. Gary Allenby, Kathy Dodgson and their team have built an enviable reputation for scientific rigour and excellence - values that are deeply rooted in our own business culture - and this acquisition represents another key piece in our strategic plan to become the provider of choice for integrated drug discovery and development services within the global life sciences sector.”

Aurelia Bioscience co-founder, Gary Allenby, added “We are very excited to join the Charnwood group. Bringing the two companies together will result in synergies for both organisations and create an environment to deliver excellence in both biology and chemistry to our current and future clients”.

Kathy Dodgson added “the co-localisation of both organisations will enhance our ability to increase the speed of our design-make-test cycle for clients.”

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