Announcement: Aurelia Bioscience has been acquired by Charnwood Molecular.

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Charnwood Molecular has undertaken a range of charity fund raising activities of the last few months, encouraging our colleagues to participate in a range of activities and organised events in the labs to raise money for valuable causes.

The charity and fund-raising activities included a valentine’s themed day to spread the love by fundraising for British Heart Foundation. This saw our participating colleagues, wearing anything red or with hearts.

Charnwood Molecular also took part in “Time to Talk Day” on the 4th February, aimed at breaking the stigma around mental health together. We also recognised “Blue Monday” on the 18th January, when we had a ‘walk talk walk’ time, which gave the opportunity to discuss all things work, lockdown and life related. It also presented the opportunity check on our peers and loved ones to ensure their wellbeing. We also fundraised on that date to support Mind in their efforts supporting others with mental health and wellbeing issues. Charnwood Molecular also supported Save the Children with a Christmas Jumper Day to raise funds for the charity, just before Christmas 2020.

“It is important that we recognise some of these key dates at Charnwood Molecular” states Charnwood Molecular’s Head of People, Charlotte Coore. “Not only did the management team and our colleagues raise money for several good causes, but the important messages around mental heath and wellbeing of all were clearly heard”, she added.

Charnwood Molecular Fundraises for Good Causes