Announcement: Aurelia Bioscience has been acquired by Charnwood Molecular.

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Expanding the team
Led by co-founders Gary Allenby and Kathy Dodgson the team is now firmly established as Charnwood Molecular’s biology division. The group has gone from strength-to-strength, bringing their significant experience of different target classes and the use of cutting-edge technologies to ensure client projects are delivered to time and budget. In addition there has been a significant increase in size of the team from 7 last June to 14 this year. The team is mostly composed of Ph.D. scientists with experience in a number of areas of disease biology including cancer, metabolic disorders and inflammation.

Senior Director of Biology, Gary, explains the value the team bring: “It’s a real privilege to work with such a diverse group of people who are so dedicated to delivering scientific excellence day-in-day-out. Regular, positive feedback from clients demonstrates how much they value the skills, experience and commitment of the scientists they interact with.”

Investment in new technologies
A suite of cutting-edge, market-leading biophysical technologies has been brought together to provide insights into molecular interactions in many different project settings.

  • Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR Biacore 8K from Cytiva)
  • Fluorescence-based Thermal Shift Assay (FTSA)
  • Acoustic Focusing Flow Cytometry (Attune)
  • Kinetic-based imaging (Incucyte)
  • High Throughput Western blotting for PROTAC (Biotechne)
  • In addition we continue our R&D work that includes our 3-D cell biology work using electrospun scaffold material.

    One team, one site
    February 2022 saw the co-location of all Charnwood Molecular divisions into one state-of-the-art facility at Charnwood Campus in Loughborough, Leicestershire. With three storeys of lab space available there is plenty of room for expansion as the company continues to attract new clients and integrated projects.

    Director of Biology Operations, Kathy Dodgson commented: “Co-localisation of all teams in one building has really enhanced our ability to increase the speed of our design-make-test cycle for clients. It also provides excellent opportunities for sharing the diverse and wide-ranging expertise across the company between scientists, which is beneficial for our clients.”

    What next?
    The pace shows no signs of slowing and as we look to the future there is even greater scope for expansion. The recent addition of Laie Abéllo as Director of DMPK very much positions Charnwood Molecular as the fully integrated drug discovery partner of choice.