Customised Bioassay Development.

Aurelia Bioscience is a division of the Charnwood group of companies that offers an in-house BioScience capability specialising in bioassay development, pharmacological profiling and compound screening. Our BioScience leadership has decades of large Pharma experience in drug discovery gained in companies including Hoffmann La Roche, Smith Kline Beecham, GlaxoWellcome, AstraZeneca, ICI and UCB.

Our team has worked in pre-clinical discovery, designing and developing low, medium and high throughput assays in both cellular and non-cellular assay formats. They have experience of a wide range of technologies designed to prosecute these activities in a scalable manner whilst bringing to bear technological developments that have the ability to probe ever further into the molecular interactions from which the drugs of the future may be identified.

Together we work across the drug discovery pipeline, from target identification and validation, hit identification, hit to lead through to lead identification and optimisation. We have significant experience of different target classes and use cutting edge technologies to deliver client projects in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

We can offer standalone biology-based project support through to a fully integrated approach to drug discovery and development, incorporating our services in medicinal chemistry and process research chemistry.

Target Profiling

• Kinase
• Protein-Protein Interactions
• Hypoxia & Cancer


• High Throughput Screening
• Cell Based Screening
• Phenotypic Screening
• Cell Culture Services
• Biochemical Screening
• Instrument & Reagent Validation

Specialised Technologies

• Fluorescence and luminescence based assays (both cell and non-cell based)
• FLIPR Screening
• Label-Free Screening
• High Content Screening
• JESS: Western Blot Assay System
• Quantitative PCR
• 3D Cell Biology
• Incucyte based kinetic imaging
• Flow Cytometry

Our success stories.

Case studies
Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry Lead Optimisation (LO) 1

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Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry: HIT Finding

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More Services.

Charnwood Molecular offers a range of additional services, including Process Research & Development, Medicinal Services and Grant Funding Partnerships. Find out more about our services.

Process Research & Development

Our Process Research Team has over 100 years of combined experience.

Process Research and Development

Custom Synthesis

Our talented synthetic chemists have been delivering challenging molecular research for de

Custom Synthesis

Grant Funding Partnerships

We have always had a unique understanding of the nature of grant-funded partnerships.

Grant Funding Partnerships

Contract Research including Route Development and Route Optimisation

For your contract research needs, get in touch with Charnwood Molecular today.