Increased Capability

New Equipment 2015

Charnwood Molecular has again increased its capabilities with the acquisition of two new pieces of equipment – a new photochemical reactor and a new ozone generator.

Rayonet RMR-200 Photochemical Reactor:
Allowing reaction volumes up to 2L, the Rayonet reactor is a state of the art device, needing no eternal cooling. It is an intense, safe source of ultraviolet light at 254nm using 16 separate light sources.

Designed for the photolysis of hetercyclic compounds, ketones, halogen derivatives, olefins etc, the reactor opens up a whole new area of chemistry that Charnwood Molecular can offer its clients.

Triogen LAB2B Ozone generator:
The LAB2B ozone generator is a small air-cooled unit designed for bench use incorporating function indicators, feed gas flowmeter and variable output control. Operating on various feed gases such as dried air or oxygen the LAB2B is capable of producing concentrations up to 10% volume.

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