Announcement: Aurelia Bioscience has been acquired by Charnwood Molecular.

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Click chemistry and bio-orthogonal chemistry hit the headlines last week (w/c 3 Oct 2022) when the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was jointly awarded to Carolyn R. Bertozzi, Morten Meldal and K. Barry Sharpless.

The press release states that: “The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2022 is about making difficult processes easier. Barry Sharpless and Morten Meldal have laid the foundation for a functional form of chemistry – click chemistry – in which molecular building blocks snap together quickly and efficiently. Carolyn Bertozzi has taken click chemistry to a new dimension and started utilising it in living organisms.”

The news was of particular interest to Charnwood Molecular scientists Dr Ngoc (Ruby) Nguyen and Dr Matthew Allen who were happy to reflect on and share their own experiences of using click chemistry and bio-orthogonal chemistry. Read the full article here.