Drug discovery success is contingent on a number of factors with DMPK playing a vital role in providing the data and analytical insights to support time and cost-efficient research.

For a candidate compound to ultimately progress to market, there are a number of desirable ‘drug-like’ properties that first need to be optimised.

DMPK services

A key benefit of employing DMPK early in a project, such as at hit to lead stage, is that the best molecule with good DMPK properties is optimised rather than progressing based on potency alone.

Given the ever increasing pressure to deliver new drug candidates in the most efficient way, DMPK provides crucial insights into drug behaviour early on. Clients subsequently benefit from a reduced time for lead optimisation due to the starting molecule having good DMPK properties.

As a result of this work researchers are armed with key information regarding targets and therapeutics to pursue from lead to candidate.

Charnwood Molecular offers the following DMPK services:

Our approach

Our DMPK experts can work ‘standalone’, or as part of an integrated project with our chemists and biologists, to deliver candidates with desirable properties including:

  • Optimal characteristics for candidate approval by focusing on its absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion (ADME)
  • The required compound exposure achieved at the target destination over time
  • Understanding of compound biotransformation by cross-species metabolite profiling and identification (Met ID)

In addition, our growing team offers expert project management of DMPK.  Working in collaboration with clients our scientists provide advice and guidance on the best approach to take for each project.

Project management and support is flexible enough to allow a tailored approach to clients’ requirements. For example, we encourage clients to speak to us about specific assays for validation.

In addition, we continue to invest in the latest technology including:

  • Tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer
  • High-resolution accurate-mass LC-MS instruments

In-house capabilities

We work hand-in-hand with our chemistry and bioscience teams to share expert knowledge of different target classes and therapeutic areas.

A key strength is the speed at which we bring our co-located scientists together to discuss the best approach to a project. This ensures that projects are delivered both to time and budget.

Our core capabilities, in addition to DMPK, are:

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