Early scale-up

Our in-house scale-up chemists work at the interface of medicinal chemistry and chemical development. Their expertise supports the efficient and timely delivery of drug candidates to clients to support their pre-clinical development studies.

Early support programs

The smooth transition between medicinal chemistry and chemical development is achieved through our offering of focused early development support programmes.

The ultimate aim of this is high quality API supply accompanied by a robust and seamless technical transfer to enable your small molecule asset to progress into clinical studies.

We deliver:

  • Pre-clinical non-GMP supply
  • Process chemistry R&D to access efficient chemistry (high yields, robust, fast throughput)
  • Enhanced of out-licensing offerings (including methods & samples)
  • Increased value and de-risked projects, with API supply ensured
  • Excellent technology transfer to cGMP scale-up

Our capabilities

We take the following approach to our scale-up projects:

  • Pragmatic adaptation of discovery chemistry to feed the early stage R&D engine with advanced intermediaries; bridging new and improved methods to furnish the first larger batches of time critical development materials
  • Imaginative and bold process research ensures efficient and novel routes with attractive intellectual property prospects
  • Expert analytical and process expertise is used to develop processes where throughput and yield are optimised and side-products are identified and minimised
  • We will provide high quality finished batches of a development material along with a comprehensive account enabling seamless technical transfer


In order to continue providing our clients and partners with our world-class support, our scale-up group has on-site access to a range of state-of-the-art equipment, including:

  • Radleys Lara reactor systems for control of key reaction scale-up parameters up to 20L
  • Mettler Toledo DSC3 (for safety and stability testing)
  • Mettler Toledo Karl-Fischer V10S system (for water content determinations of intermediates and final products)
  • Technobis Crystal 16 benchtop crystallisation system (for crystallisation screens – salt forms/polymorphs – and solubility determinations)
  • Teledyne Isco Torrent chromatography system – large scale chromatography with columns up to 3Kg

Our success stories

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