In 2003 Charnwood Molecular relocated from Loughborough University into premises containing three newly refurbished laboratories, fully equipped for carrying out research chemistry.

In 2012, to serve the growing demand for our medicinal chemistry services, we expanded into an additional state-of-the-art research facility within BioCity, Nottingham, where the company has continued to grow significantly. Here, our experienced medicinal chemists undertake our clients’ Lead Finding and Lead Optimisation programs to rigorous standards.

Our specialised equipment includes:

For Single Compound Synthesis
• Reactors up to 10 litre capacity operating from –78 to +200 ° C
• Buchi BEP280 autoclave system working up to 10 bar
• Ozone Generator
• Miniclave 50mL/300mL at 10 bar
• Parr 50-300mL steel autoclaves
• Rayonet RMR-200 Photochemical Reactor
• Radleys Lara reactor system, 1-10L

For Parallel Synthesis/Evaporation/Purification
• Radleys Carousel Reactors
• Radleys and STEM Parallel Synthesis Systems
• CEM 12-place explorer hybrid microwave reactor system
• Genevac DD4
• Waters Mass Directed Prep LCMS System
• Gilson & Varian preparative HPLC systems
• Teledyne ISCO Combiflash Torrent large scale chromatography system

Analytical Equipment
• High field, multiprobe NMR spectrometers (400 MHz)
• Agilent 1260-Applied Biosystems API2000 LCMS
• Agilent 1260 LCMS equipped with a HP Orthogonal spray mass spectrometer
• Waters I-Class UPLC system equipped with a Waters QDa mass spectrometer
• Agilent HPLC 1100 systems
• Mettler Toledo DSC3
• Mettler Toledo Karl-Fischer V10S system
• Technobis Crystal 16 benchtop crystallisation system