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Grant Funding Partnerships with Industry and Academia

From our roots as a Loughborough University spin-out company in the late 1990s, Charnwood Molecular has a unique understanding of the nature of grant-funded research projects – it’s in our DNA.

We have a rich history of working successfully in collaboration with both industrial and academic researchers, including university-based research groups and small to medium-sized biotechnology companies. The nature of our involvement in these partnerships can be tailored specifically to the changing needs of your research project. We can offer intellectual contributions at the early stages of grant writing and provide the highest quality research personnel to deliver the high-impact research required to push your project forward to key decision points in a timely and cost-effective fashion. We can then contribute to next stages: the writing of applications for further funding rounds, journal publications and patent filings.

We have made successful contributions to numerous research projects funded by grant awarding bodies including the UK research councils and the European Union (Eurostars Scheme).

Once funded, the research project can be directed by the grant-holder/principle investigator. Alternatively, we can provide a project management service through a series of seamless multi-partner agreements based on our strong links to a variety of innovative service partners at our BioCity site in Nottingham. Our key strengths include clear and open communication, flexibility and creativity, all of which are facilitated by a high level of transparency with an emphasis on encouraging scientist-to-scientist interactions. We recognize that the requirements and direction of any project can change rapidly depending upon research results and the need to respond quickly to ensure objectives are met and milestones are reached.

For more information on how Charnwood Molecular can support and deliver your grant-funded research, please contact:

Dr. Robin Wilkes, Director of Business Development

Charnwood Molecular has previously contributed to a number of academic research projects and publications, in areas as diverse as asymmetric catalysis, natural product chemistry (towards targets such as (+)-Scuteflorin A, Manadomanzamine alkaloids, (-)-(3’S)-Lomatin, (+)-(3’S, 4’R)-trans-Khellactone, anti-tumour alkaloid Crispine A) and the synthesis and screening of biologically active molecules (including autotaxin inhibitors, novel peptidomimetics and lactacystins). Our scientists have also contributed to a number of collaborative patent filings as a result of projects that we have executed. A comprehensive list of our scientific references is available upon request.