Announcement: Aurelia Bioscience has been acquired by Charnwood Molecular.

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Charnwood Molecular has entered a transformative period in its strategy to become the partner of choice for drug discovery and development services, by securing a new single-site facility and by continuing to expand the range of services that it offers to its global client base.

Charnwood Molecular has become the sole occupier of a substantial three-storey laboratory facility at Charnwood Campus which can house over 150 scientists. With our recent acquisition of Aurelia Bioscience, we are now well prepared for the next exciting phase of our development as a company focused on discovery and innovation.

Bringing our new market leading laboratories online has quadrupled our capacity.

Not only has this enabled us to better serve our existing global client base, many of whom have come on board during a period of strong growth for Charnwood Molecular in recent years, but it will also support further expansion across a range of services.

This includes a host of pre-clinical discovery core activities including assay development, computational and medicinal chemistry, early process research and chemical development as well as a whole suite of others which sit alongside to complement these.

As the UK’s first Life Sciences Opportunity Zone, the Charnwood Campus is home to many other organisations from across the sector. The designation, awarded in 2016, aims to encourage collaboration, discovery and business growth at key sites throughout the country.

Set in 70 acres of landscaped ground in Loughborough, the site has become a hub of biosciences activity, with Charnwood Molecular right at its heart. This has enabled us to attract top talent from several major university towns and cities in the East Midlands and beyond.

Having completed the acquisition of Aurelia Bioscience thanks to our investment partners Synova, we are able to offer an ever-expanding set of services.

This includes an integrated drug discovery offering combined with our extraordinary skill set in chemical development and process research, allowing our clients the opportunity to decrease time to market. The advantages of this end-to-end offering being carried out by scientists working side by side, under one roof, is a compelling reason to work with Charnwood Molecular.

Adding Aurelia’s core biological CRO services to our own has expanded the areas of target profiling that we can work in to include protein-protein interactions, hypoxia and cancer, among others.

It also means that active projects at Charnwood can access a range of assays for testing, both cell-based and biochemical. These are designed, developed and delivered following consultation to suit your specific needs, and can be performed with reagents supplied by you, from a dedicated supplier, or manufactured in-house.

We can then progress, either with screening at low, medium or high-throughput in either cell-based or biochemical assays, or instead proceed with exploratory biology if a new assay was required.

We can conduct screening with a number of formats, such as FLIPR, FMAT, FI, FRET, chemiluminescence, luminescence and label-free, in a robust and reproducible manner for the highest quality results.

Lastly, we have expertise in new specialised technologies such as 3D cell biology, quantitative PCR and flow cytometry among others, and have recently added instrument and reagent validation to our extensive list of services.

Like all of our services, each of these can be offered on a standalone basis.

However, when brought together with our other project-proven capabilities which include computational chemistry, medicinal chemistry and process research & development, it’s clear that we can work with you right through the drug discovery process, from target identification through to lead identification, compound optimisation and onwards to scale-up, saving time and improving value by cutting out inefficiencies along the way, ensuring that our clients’ compounds are in the best possible position for future market success.

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