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We help our clients to change lives

Charnwood Molecular is a results-driven, dynamic company committed to delivering success for our global clients. Our scientists seek to achieve research excellence in their work and are passionate about delivering excellent results for our clients.

We never forget that there’s a human element to the impact of our work, and that’s what makes it so rewarding. We never lose sight of the lives that we could help to change through our drive, dedication and curiosity.

Our expertise includes biology, medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry, DMPK / ADME and process research and development. As a team with wide-ranging experience gained within pharmaceutical and biotech companies we can provide expertise at all stages of your research project, aiming for intellectual input and novelty.

Whether you need our services for assay development, the bespoke synthesis of chemical compounds, for route development towards the scale-up of a key intermediate or target, hit finding and lead optimisation in medicinal chemistry or process research and development, Charnwood Molecular provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for your outsourcing.

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Our partnerships

Our work means everything to us. At Charnwood Molecular we’ve been fortunate enough to partner with world-leading organisations and institutions, providing a world-class research capability to support them across a range of projects and sectors from fine chemicals to pharmaceuticals.

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Meet the team

At Charnwood Molecular, we know that our strength is our people. Our strategy is, and has always been, to recruit the best people to ensure that we retain and grow our knowledge base and capability to enable us provide research excellence to all of our clients. Meet our current team of experts:

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Case studies

We are at the centre of significant intellectual contributions to our clients’ projects, which can range from synthetic chemistry support to highly collaborative medicinal chemistry and process research and development (PR&D) projects. View our case studies here:

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