We specialise in physiologically relevant assays using cell-based formats in state of the art technologies such as phenotypic screening. We have used a number of human primary cells in different assay formats.

An example of this is neutrophil where we measured:

  • Calcium mobilisation from neutrophils following agonist addition in the presence or absence of compounds using FLIPR in 384 well and 1536 well format
  • Cuperoxide burst from cells stimulated with and in the presence of compounds using chemiluminescence substrates
  • Activation of cells via surface measurement changes and the dissection of G-protein coupled events detected using label-free technology and as a replacement to whole blood CD11b assays

Human neutrophils were isolated from the whole blood of donors by densite gradient centrifugation, loaded with Fluo-loading dye, dispensed into 1536 well plates incubated in the presence of compounds, and screened with agonist addition on-line.

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