Virtual Charnwood

In these unprecedented times we are fully embracing social distancing, which inevitably may mean that you are unable to visit our site for a few more weeks.

The following videos will give you a flavour of who we are and what we do, and underline our strong philosophy of working with our clients in a collaborative, open, partnership approach to research in Medicinal and Process Research Chemistry here at Charnwood Molecular.

So please take a virtual tour and find out more about us, see our world-class facilities, hear about how we like to work with our clients, and meet some of our key staff.

For more information, please contact our Director of Business Development, Dr. Robin Wilkes (

The Charnwood Philosophy

Our Research Facilities

Our People

We are co-located at BioCity alongside other leading experts in the drug discovery industry. Together we have pioneered a seamless and collaborative approach to progressing along the drug discovery pipeline and can offer bespoke packages to suit our clients’ needs throughout the lifetime of your research project.

Our pioneering Design-Make-Test-Understandcycle ensures that we are adding significant value throughout our collaborations. To find out more about how we’ve worked successfully with clients to advance their projects from initial “Hit Finding” through to candidate nomination, with the development of a robust route to enable pre-clinical supply, please see our case studies : Charnwood Molecular Case Studies