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Charnwood Molecular is a contract research organisation (CRO) which has over 20 years’ experience in undertaking research and development within the biotech, pharma and fine chemicals sectors.

With sites in Loughborough and Nottingham, our experienced teams support our global client base with a wide range of services from world-class facilities for scientific research.

As a leading UK-based CRO, Charnwood Molecular works in drug discovery and development, providing world-class services in biology, medicinal chemistry and process research and development. We are one of only a small number of European CROs to combine expertise in process research and development alongside our discovery-end work in biology and medicinal chemistry. Our Case Studies provide details of where we have added significant value in this combined approach, and include testimonials from clients such as Nflection, whom we supported through to clinical trials of its NFX-179 gel, providing both medicinal chemistry and scale-up expertise, Also, Carrick Therapeutics benefitted from our route development and scale-up work of an anti-cancer compound as it moved towards GMP manufacture.

We offer biology, medicinal chemistry and process research and development as stand-alone services, but we are also able to bring them together as an integrated package of pre-clinical discovery services, which can have real benefits. This is most evident when it comes to ensuring each stage in the discovery pipeline dovetails precisely with the next, and appropriate consideration is taken of the ideal requirements of each future stage well ahead of time. For example, during the development stages, inefficiencies in the chemistry can result in delays of up to 18 months, which in turn hits final new product values, often by up to 30 per cent. At Charnwood, we ensure each step of the journey to clinical success can inform the next, which will substantially benefit bottom lines and time to market. By choosing Charnwood, you’re making the strategic decision to focus clearly on the final clinical destination, and to consider at an early stage how to achieve the greatest chance of success from a holistic scientific perspective - not just being narrowly focussed to the delivery of a single milestone along the way.

At Charnwood Molecular, we know that a company’s real strengths lie in the people that it employs. Our scientific research and leadership teams bring diverse skill sets and capabilities honed in the pharma, biotech, CRO and academic research fields. Those in research leadership having worked in drug development with companies such as GSK, Hoffman LaRoche, AstraZeneca, BioFocus, Pfizer and Cancer Research UK. What makes Charnwood Molecular unique is our passion: unrivalled, unwavering passion for the truly ground-breaking science we facilitate and the trusting relationships we build.

Having been founded in 1998 as a Chemistry spin-out from Loughborough University, our heritage is rooted in a deep sense of curiosity-driven research and the thrill that innovation and discovery brings to those scientists that work on projects at the cutting edge. In 2019 Charnwood Molecular was acquired by European private equity investor Synova, providing significant investment into growing our staff teams, infrastructure, facilities and service lines. Synova are supporting and enabling the Charnwood leadership team to deliver on their strategy of becoming the global partner of choice in drug discovery and development.

In 2021 Charnwood Molecular will become a “single-site” operation offering an integrated discovery and development package from world-class laboratory and office facilities at Charnwood Campus in Loughborough. Charnwood Molecular will become the sole occupier of a modern, three storey R+D facility, with space for >150 scientists. Charnwood Campus is set in 70 acres of landscaped grounds and was recently designated a Life Sciences Opportunity Zone, which gives us an environment which inspires discovery and encourages collaboration, as well as accelerating business growth within med-tech and biopharma. We’re a growing, innovative organisation with decades of experience spread across every level. By partnering with Charnwood, you’re choosing a partner with a history and deep-rooted culture of research innovation and scientific creativity – an ethos that can deliver tangible results and smooth out the path towards clinical success.